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- A  booking fee/deposit is required upon booking, without this your appointment/training course isn't secure. All booking fees/deposits are non refundable, but can be transferred to a new appointment/training course up to a maximum of rebooking two times with in 6 months of the first appointment. 

- It is your responsibility to make sure you get a patch test at least 48hr prior to your appointment, you can request one to be posted out to you. Please contact Maxine directly to arrange this. (Excludes: Lash Glue)

- A mask must be worn upon arrival and throughout your treatment excluding Make Up appointments. You can remove your mask when you get into the chair. 

- For the time being the toilet facilities are out of use due to COVID-19 to eliminate the spread, please plan yourself before you come.

- You will be given hand sanitiser upon arrival before you enter.

- You must attend your appointment on your own, unfortunately due to COVID-19 no children are permitted to any appointments. If you are being dropped off, don't worry let Maxine know in advance and she can let you know your timings for your treatment/ to be collected. 

- If you have had the COVID-19 vaccination you MUST wait 2 weeks before you can come to your next appointment from when you have had it done.

- If you have had COVID-19/ tested positive or suspect you may have had it you will need a NEW patch test before your next appointment. 

- If you have ANY medical changes since your last appointment please get in touch with Maxine directly. 

If you have any queries or need any further help please do not hesitate to get in contact -

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