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MNHBeautyAcademy Full Diploma Make Up Artistry Course 

with optional professional starter kit.

Fully accredited by ABT - Associated Beauty Therapists


Once you have completed your training and have your certificate you will be able to gain access to exclusive industry discount codes once qualified with big brands like NARS, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Illamasqua etc. 


INCLUDING PROFESSIONAL KIT : £2500.00 (Booking fee £500/ £2000 when you start)

WITH OUT KIT: £2000.00 (£250 Booking fee/ £1750 when you start.)

Hi my names Maxine Holland and I have been in the industry for just over 16 years and have got a successful well respected business within this industry. I built everything I have from scratch and make up has ALWAYS been a massive passion in my life. I absolutely live, eat, sleep, breathe beauty and now I am ready to pass on all my knowledge, skills, tips and tricks that I have learnt from working as a professional make up artist, covering commercial, editorial, bridal and your glam appointments so you too can flourish into amazing artists!

This course is a professional make up artistry course and is perfect for anyone wanting to start a career in make up artistry. You will be a fully qualified Make Up Artistry once you have completed the full course. Enabling you to work in a salon or freelance. This is not an easy industry to get into but with a lot of practice, determination and the guidance from myself you are guaranteed to have the best start to your new career. I already have successful students who gave up their part time jobs to do this full time and are absolutely smashing the industry! By the end of this course not only will you be a fully qualified Professional Make Up Artist but you will also have a portfolio, social media and sales coaching knowledge ready to kick start you into making a successful business out of this training.

Course times:

The course timings are flexible. Evenings/ Weekdays/ Sundays are available for this course.

Once you have paid your booking fee, I will contact you via phone to book all your sessions on your preferred day and time. 

Students are required to complete the full 36 hours (practical and theory) in order to be fully qualified.

Requirements for Course:

No make up skills are required just a love for make up and sheer determination and creativity!

Notepad & pen/iPad/tablet for note taking if you want to note down any additional products used.

In your private sessions you will cover:

You will cover everything from soft glam, heavy dramatic glam to bridal and my top favourite looks all my clients request. This will help boost you straight into what working in the industry is like. You will be blending smokey browns, drawing the sharpest wings and learning to work with loose pigments and also industry leading products from brands like PLouise. 

Along side all the make up training NEW to 2022 all students on this course will now also receive FREE Social Media training and Sales Coaching  from my in house professional sales coach, who will be there to give you personally 1 session a week via Zoom for 3 weeks with lots of work books/ content ideas/ sales approaches... literally everything you need to get all your new skills off the ground and succeed, as now a days beauty isn't just your skill its knowing how to market and work the industry as well BUT I have you covered!


Models can be provided for this course or if you have someone in mind you want to use we can work to accommodate them into it. 

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding of hygiene procedures and brush care.

Understanding of skin types, skincare and priming to achieve the best makeup application possible and longevity of wear.

Understanding of composition and context of makeup looks.

Mastering creating the perfect base, inclusive of colour correction, concealing, variants in levels of coverage and finish and how to achieve them.

Mastering contour, bronzing, highlight and adding colour to the skin, using a variety of formulas and textures.

Mastering eyebrows, gaining an understanding of a wide range of formulas and tools to create a variety of styles.

Understanding of creating the perfect base for every eye look to enable the best outcome and longevity of wear.

Mastering eyeshadow application, inclusive of blending, transitioning shades, adding depth and optimum placement of product.

Confidence with eyeliner application, inclusive of pencil liners, liquid and cream/gel formulas. Building an understanding of blending, precision and placement.

 Understanding of the perfect mascara application, false lash application and customising false lashes.

Mastering the perfect nude lip, inclusive of liner application, overdrawing/balancing lips, understanding a variety of formulas and finishes.

Confidence with bold lips, inclusive of precision, knowledge of tools and how utilise them to best achieve precision and balance, understanding of tones and shades.

Understanding of various aspects of the makeup industry and career paths available.

Understanding how to best serve your business utilising social media, customer service and networking.

Understanding of kit essentials, how to best plan, organise and build your kit.



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