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Cost: £355 (Includes 2 full sessions and all your aftercare)


Above are photos of the Ombré brow style to show you a visual example of what they can look like.* Depending on your personal style, skin and lifestyle, all brows are different and Maxine will work with you to design your perfect brow so you can love YOUR look.


What is Ombre brows/ What do they look like?


- Ombré - the term from the French word meaning shading or shaded. A normal ombré effect usually starts dark and gets lighter. For eyebrows it is the reverse. It starts light at the front of the brow and gets darker towards the tail. Ombré browses also known as powder or shaded brows. 


- They are smudge proof and waterproof.


- It is a semi-permanent make up procedure and the technique has been been around for decades whilst improving the time. It is a two stage process:

First stage: Using a tattoo machine, pigment is inserted into the top layers of the skin/ epidermis. 

Second stage: First stage is repeated. Touch up 4 - 6 weeks later.

- If no top up procedure is done afterwards, over time most ombré brows will fade.


- Factors that can cause your ombré brows to fade faster:

- Sun exposure/ tanning beds

- Medical conditions

- Exfoliating


- A tint and wax is recommended every 6 - 8 weeks to keep your brows looking at their ultimate best. An annual top up is recommended for longer lasting ombré.


Who is it for?


- You must be over 18 years old 

- People who want to a make up effect. Powdered, soft and full eyebrow look.

- For the people who don't want to buy eyebrow make up anymore.

- For people with a fast paced lifestyle and want to save time drawing or shaky hands or impaired vision. 

Who is it NOT for?


- If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you will need to wait to have this procedure.

- History of keloids or hypertrophic scarring.

- Under going cancer/ chemotherapy treatment.

- If you have had accutane in the past 2 years.

- Recently tanned or will be tanned in the next 4 weeks.

- Skin irritation or psoriasis near the treatment area.

- Viral infection.

- Contagious diseases.


Please discuss any medications that you are currently taking with Maxine or any illness/ conditions you suffer from as a doctors note may need to be provided before you can go a head. 

How long does it last?


- Ombré brows should generally last 2-3 years but can last 1-5 years depending on maintenance, skin and lifestyle.

- Clients who choose a light colour shade, soft look or do not follow the aftercare guidelines may need to have more top up appointments. 

- Results are determined once top up is complete and healed.

- A colour boost for Ombre/ Combination brows is recommended around 18 - 24 months.


Does Ombré brow hurt?


- All clients are provided with a safe topical anaesthetic cream which is applied on arrival by Maxine before Ombré brow treatment is started to ensure minimal discomfort during the procedure. 


- Pain thresholds vary form person to person. 





Although Ombre brows last approximately 3-5 years, this is the total longevity of them. Due to natural factors like the sun, your skin, skin care regimes etc your brows will fade in time This is completely normal. Each individual is totally different on when they would like any maintenance done on their brows. These are more colour boosters than new brows. However when having your maintenance this will give you chance to adapt your brows if there is anything you want to add to them. 


12 - 18 months - £85.00

This is one session. Perfect for that pick me up colour boost!


*A £20 non refundable booking fee is required upon booking this treatment. A patch test will also be required before your session. 


18 - 24 months - £185

This is 2 full sessions to implant the pigment back in again, by this time your brows will need to have 2 sessions to be able to hold the pigment properly again. 


*A £50 non refundable booking fee is required upon booking this treatment. A patch test will also be required before your session. 

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